Flex on the Beach – Boca Raton – December 6th

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Coed Teams of 4. Rx, Scaled and Party Divisions.

Flex Events | Flex In The City | Highlights from Etan Blatt on Vimeo.

NutriForce Sports’ Flex on the Beach – Long Beach – September 13th

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Flex on the Mall D.C. June 14th Athletes: Thanks for a Great Day!


NYC Flex Athletes, Spectators and Volunteers: Thanks for participating.

We appreciate the trust you place in us when you register for one of our events. Please Contact Us to let us know what you loved, what you want us to keep for future events and improvements we need to make.


Thanks to all of the athletes, judges, volunteers, vendors and sponsors who made
2013 Long Beach Flex on the Beach possible!

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