Flex on the Mall – District of Columbia

June 14th, 2014

Athlete Check In: 9-10:30 AM     Athlete Briefing: 10:30-11 AM     First WOD: 11:30 AM

Flex Events | Flex In The City | Highlights from Etan Blatt on Vimeo.

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The Event

Flex Events and CrossFit King of Island Park in partnership with the Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge present a one-of-a-kind functional fitness event on The Mall in Washington, D.C.

100+ Coed teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) compete in the shadow of The Washington Monument.

Rx and Scaled Divisions available. The new Strive Division allows teams of any mix you want.

T-Shirts for the men and Tanks for the Ladies.


Movement Standards

WS Collage from NYC 1

The WODs


Follow the leader – For Time – 20 min cap
50 burpees to a target
40 box jump overs
30 KB snatch Rx(70/53) Scaled(53/35)


Max Effort – For Weight – 20 min cap
One Male and One Female must find their 3RM Hang Clean Any How
One Male and One Female must find their 10 RM Hang Clean Any How
(Teams must announce prior to starting the workout who will be doing what)
*Same for RX and Scaled


Partner Fun – Complete Two Rounds in Couples (Couple one completes one round then rests while couple two completes one round, couple one then goes again followed by couple two)
40 Deadlifts (185/115)RX (135/95)Scaled
50 Pullups
150 Foot Overhead Walking lunges (Using a 45# Plate for men and a 25# plate for women from their barbell, both partners must complete their overhead walking lunges for the full distance before the second team comes on. BOTH PARTNERS OVERHEAD LUNGE 150 FEET, 75 FEET DOWN, 75 FEET BACK). Scaled is 25# and 10#.

*There is NO minimum amount of work that must be done by each athlete in this workout. There will be ONE barbell at each station with a set of 45# plates, a set of 25# plates and a set of 10# plates and clips.

WS Collage From NYC 2.jpg

We are using the popular rotating format from the 2013 Flex On The Beach and 2014 Flex NYC. Three workouts per team with one rest period. The rest period gives athletes an opportunity to watch friends compete, visit vendor booths, eat, etc.

We are using the standard Flex Event format where teams act as judges for each other. We’ve used it for years and the athletes love it. The quality of judging is better, athletes are more engaged and standards are more closely met throughout the competition.

There is a Championship WOD and podium finishers for Rx and Scaled Divisions. Strive Division teams do not participate in a Championship WOD…which means they can cheer on the other teams from your Box or hit the Bar Crawl early.


The Judges

All Flex events use what we call “athlete judging”. Athletes competing in the event judge each other to ensure standards are consistently met throughout the day.


The Venue

Prepare to WOD in the shadow of The Washington Monument. Literally.

National Mall   Google Maps

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